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1.) Main Level 90 Toon Name (Please state class & race):
Tyronsaw - lvl 90 human paladin tank

2.) Other Level 90 Alt Toon Names (Please state class & race):
Tüsnário 90 human warlock, Koonda 90 Windwalker Panda monk, Ksnilsson 90 NightElf hunter, Hälvariándo 90 human mage, Hárin 90 human disc priest, Hlodyn 90 human holy paladin, Eddéira 90 NightElf rogue, Battledry 90 human prot warrior

3.) With regard to your Alt Toons, please tell us about any raiding you undertake or plan to with other guilds on these characters:
none.. only lfr so they are geared for if the guild needs it.

4.) Your Main Toon professions and level, please explain why you selected these professions for this Toon:
JC and mining because i wanted to best gems for my tank.

5.) Do you have previous Main Toons which you may have been 'well known for' but no longer play:
in Vanilla my main toon was Battledry, Burning Crusade it was Hárin and herafter it has switched between Hárin, Tyronsaw and Tüsnário

6.) Please give us a brief summary of your raid experiences and level of progression (60/70/80/85lvl, normal/hc):
My first raid was in Vanilla where LBRS and UBRS were raiding instances and you needed a key to be able to get into UBRS. When Burning Crusade came out some friends and i started the guild Guardian Smurfs. We went into Karazhan, Gruul's and pugged for SSC. A few months before Lich king came out our guild merged into a british guild that no longer exist. In Lich King i was in Retribution where we did most of the raids on normal. That was when i got my girlfriend (Tusneldah) to try out World of Warcraft. We decided in Cataclysm to start our own guild and it went ok.. not good but ok.. the last few months it has only been me and my gf online in our old guild so therefor we startet to look for a guild to join. In Pandaria we have tried all raids as lfr and SoO as flex part 1+2. SoO part 1 also as normal. was last run before we found your guild to join :)

7.) Main Toon previous guild(s) and reason why you left/are planning on leaving?
Tyronsaw.. and we left our guild because it was dead.. only my gf and me online at the end.

8.) Your Main Toon talent build, please include a link to your armory page here:
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent ... 111!pNoQkj

9.) Why do you want to join Bloodlines?
first we we're told you was a friendly guild who did raids. GF joined first to see how you guys were.

10.) Can you play from 2000 to +-2300 and minimal 3 raids per week?

11.) Your internet connection? (lags/DCs?)
50/50 mbit, no lag and rarely dc's .. (hope i didnt jinxed it)

12.) Do you know/have Mumble program?
i know mumble but have ts3 and ventrilo installed

13.) Do you have microphone and are you willing to communicate vocally with the rest of the raid group?
i do have microphone but most of the time i'm silent as i focus on learning. When not raiding i dont have any problem talking into a mic.

14.) How old are you?
38 y/o

15.) Would you be willing to respec your talents if asked?
all advices will be taken into consideration and i often use askmrrobot.com as well to change talents, reforge etc so that i am geared the right way.

16.) Skill level of your 1st Aid & cooking?

17.) A few words about you...
I'm 38 y/o male from Denmark. found the woman in my life and enjoying each day with her. World of Warcraft is ofc the main game i play, but my interests are also into FIFA, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Mafia 1+2 and many other games :)

18.) Do you have any questions for us?
what will happen when normal raiders come back from their holidays?

19.) Any sponsors in the guild you might have?

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