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Magmaw, one of the first bosses in this instance.
Magmaw has two different phases and a LOT of abilities. In the first, regular phase, you deal normal damage to him and your goal is to keep the fight
controlled by keeping everyone healed and killing adds in a timely manner. In the second phase, when correctly executed, you deal double damage to Magmaw while your healers can replenish their mana.

Let's start going over Magmaw's phase 1 abilities and how to deal with them. First up, positioning. You want to have three basic camps - one for your tank, one
for your melee and one for your ranged attackers and healers. Both the ranged and the melee need to have room to change their camps by at least 15 yards or so.
This is because of Magmaw's signature ability, Pillar of Flame.

Pillar of Flame has a short cast time and is usually directed at a random ranged raid members but can occasionally target a melee. When Magmaw casts it, a red swirl shows up on the ground of the targetted raid member and 2 seconds after, a pillar will erupt in its spot and anyone remaining in the area will get lifted
into the air and take massive damage.
That's not all however. Along with the damage, lots of Lava Parasites will drop onto the ground from where the Pillar erupted. These little guys are vicious.
If they manage to attack a raid member, that person will get infected with a debuff and after 10 seconds, the debuff will explode, dealing a ton of damage to
anyone around and spawning more parasites.
To avoid this, it's really important to make sure that no raid member gets hit by the pillar and moves as soon as they're aware of it. Once the swirl appears,
immediately have a hunter apply a frost trap to the area and then have your ranged raid members - and potentially some rogues if you have trouble taking them down in time - take out the parasites. !! PushBack works on them !!
Pillar of Flame is roughly on a 30 second timer, so that sets the timeframe you have to kill all parasites.

Magmaw will also occasionally attempt to eat your tank with an ability called Mangle. When he places this on your tank, he takes massive damage every 5 seconds and after 30 seconds, he will be unable to take any action while Magmaw does his omnomnom thing. To counter this, either run two tanks or, if you prefer to to it with 1 tank, have him use a strong cooldown right before the timer is up.

All throughout the phase, Magmaw will shoot the raid with Lava Spew - ranged missiles that hit everyone and need to be healed through.
His last phase 1 ability is Ignition. Ignition happens every phase 1 and will ignite about half of the room. It's easily visible since the ground starts steaming. To counter this, make sure your raid always keeps somewhat close to the middle of the room and can easily change sides.

Phase two happens when Magmaw slumps forward and the emote "Magmaw slumps forward, exposing his pincers!" appears. When this happens, three melee need to jump onto his head using the spike and spam the ability they then gain - Constricting Chains. If executed correctly, after a short while Magmaw's head will become impaled on the spike and he will take double damage while being unable to do anything.

This is the perfect opportunity for bloodlust, time warp and heroism and also for your healers to regen some mana. After a little while, Magmaw will recover and phase 1 starts over.

It's worth noting that if there's no one in Magmaw's melee range, he'll enrage and basically wipe the raid, so make sure to always have people near him.

That about covers Magmaw's abilities.

Go check video's on Wowpedia and tankspot or Bosskillers

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