Atramedes The Blind

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Atramedes The Blind

Post by moon » 11 Jan 2011, 07:42

Atramedes is a very unique encounter. As mentioned, he's blind, so all abilities he does are centered around sound. When the fight starts, you will have a sound bar pop up in your UI. Getting hit with any of Atramedes' abilities will increase your sound level. When the bar is full - ie you hit 100 sound - Atramedes will know where you are and kill you in about two seconds.

The fight is split into two phases that'll keep repeating. As soon as you engage Atramedes, you start out with the ground phase which always lasts 80 seconds. Let's go over the abilities that he'll use during his ground phase. The first ability you'll see is Sonar Pulse - Atramedes will release 4 sound discs that start at a random point in the room and spread out from there. Touching a disc adds 7 sound to your bar and inflicts some damage.

They move slowly and aren't that hard to avoid. If you get unlucky and they spawn on you, move opposite of the direction they're moving into. You'll stack up some sound, but it shouldn't bring your bar to 100.

His second ability is Modulation- this will look like a gigantic sound disc reverberating through the room. Modulation can not be avoided or dodged and will inflict 40000 shadow damage to your entire raid on top of adding 7 sound to everyone's sound bar. He'll use this occasionally throughout the ground phase.

His third ability is Sonic Breath - this is cast at the target that currently has the highest amount of sound. Atramedes will face his target (boss mods figure out correctly who it is and this should be called out on vent) and start a 2-second cast. At the end of the cast, he'll follow his target with flames, and anyone getting caught in the fire will take massive amounts of damage and stack up sound. The more sound Atramedes' breath target has, the faster the flames will follow him.

Most often, a ranged raid member will have the highest amount of sound. To counter this (and to make healing easier for Modulation), your ranged raid members and healers should be loosely stacked up. When Atramedes picks a target and starts casting his breath, his target should move to the right and 'kite' the breath, wheras everyone else in the ranged pile should move to the left. If his breath target has a movement enhancing effect available like body and soul, no one should get hit by the breath at all. The breath is channeled for 6 seconds, so everyone needs to make sure that they're out of its way while it's being kited.

Atramedes' last phase 1 ability is Searing Flame. He'll cast this once per ground phase and it's his most devastating ability. For 8 seconds, he'll channel a fire AoE that inflicts about 20k damage to every raid member per second and stacks up a fire damage debuff. It is crucial to the fight that you do not let Atramedes cast this. To interrupt Searing Flames, you can hit one of the ten gongs that are aligned around his chamber.

Hitting a gong will cause Vertigo to Atramedes, which stuns him for 5 seconds and makes him take more damage within that time frame. However, after he recovers from vertigo, he'll shatter the gong that was used, so you can only use each gong once. This serves as soft enrage timer - when you run out of gongs, you're probably screwed.

After you survive 80 seconds of the ground phase, you'll trigger his air phase. This one only lasts 40 seconds. As soon as Atramedes hits the air, he'll once again target the player with the highest amount of sound and this time he'll chase him down with flame breath from the air. Everyone should be moving when the air phase hits to increase the chances of getting away from this flame breath.

The fire will move faster the higher the target's sound level is and on top of that will speed up the longer Atramedes is chasing someone. You will eventually want to interrupt this by using a gong, which once more will cause Vertigo to Atramedes. After Vertigo is done, he'll shatter the gong and go on to chase the player that used it. You want someone with a huge movement speed increase to be the person to hit the gong during the airphase, like a rogue for instance.

Obviously, any other movement speed enhancing buffs are are big help in this phase. The flames will leave flame patches on the ground that deal damage and increase sound when touched, so try to not kite them into the most idiotic direction you can think of. He'll also use Roaring Flames during his air phase, which adds more flame patches on the ground in random locations. Obviously, we'll do what every person with a brain does when they see fire on the ground - TOUCH THE BRIGHT SHINY MESMERIZING THI- I mean.. don't stand in it. Ever.

His last air phase ability is Sonar Pulse, which looks like the discs from the ground phase, but these ones will spawn in the location of random raid members, and shortly after they appear, a little missile will hit the center of the disc. Getting hit by the missile will deal damage and add 7 sound, so it's important that every raid member stays moving during the air phase to avoid these.. and the fire.. and the arcane ball.. and the fire breath. So yes, keep moving during the air phase and avoid getting hit by anything.

Once the 40 seconds are up, Atramedes will land again and phase 1 starts over. This cycle repeats until Atramedes' health pool is depleted. Make sure to only have reliable raid members hitting the gongs - getting the interrupts right is the most crucial thing about this encounter. Other than that, this fight is all about dodging stuff and kiting fire. If executed correctly, Atramedes should die rather easily. The soft enrage is very lenient and unless half your raid is dead, you should not get close to it.

Videos are on Tankspot-Bosskillers - You know the drill by now.

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Re: Atramedes The Blind

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