5.2 Bosses you need loot from

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5.2 Bosses you need loot from

Post by raddude » 22 Apr 2013, 20:52

Hi, here is a list of bosses I need loot from please reply to this thread with what bosses you need so we can rotate our Mage into every fight.


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Re: 5.2 Bosses you need loot from

Post by Malty » 22 Apr 2013, 21:34

I wrote a list of obtainable gear that is close to bis according to icey veins.

Que'Zals's Crackling Cord - Waist - Iron Qon
Durumu's Captive Eyeball - Ring - Durumu
Drape of Booming Nights - Back - Jin'Rokh

I got the 4x set recently, LFR gloves which could do with swapping out tho.


P.S. These are only the 522 big upgrades, I'm still on 496 feet, 502 back and waist.
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Re: 5.2 Bosses you need loot from

Post by Neema » 22 Apr 2013, 23:58

Geary Loot Table

As i'm so far behind on raid points due to my short leave, I will not be getting tier Chest/Helm/Shoulders off Rolling until both Grahams and Agns have full sets, however as far as i'm concerned it is BIS. So when its available: Iron Quon, Animus and Concorts are a priority for me :)

Jin'Rok: No
Horridon: No
Council: Weapon, Necklace (High Need)
Tortos: Weapon (Temporary), Necklace
Megeara: No
Ji'kun: Chest (High Need)
Durumu: No
Primordius: Cloak, Trinket (Slight Upgrade)
Dark Animus: Helm (Slight Upgrade)
Iron Qon: No
Concorts: No
Lei Shen: Weapon (High Need from Coins, then rolls once Zethus has it)


Re: 5.2 Bosses you need loot from

Post by Agns » 23 Apr 2013, 07:31

ToT 1 Static Shot Shoulders
ToT 2 Nothing @ 522
ToT 3 Nothing @ 522
ToT 4 Nothing @ 522
ToT 5 Nothing @ 522
ToT 6 Tier Legs
ToT 7 Nothing @ 522
ToT 8 Nothing @ 522
ToT 9 Tier Chest
ToT 10 Tier Shoulders
ToT 11 Nothing @ 522
ToT 12 Rune Of Re-Origination

Once I have my 4 set I will change this list to chase the best replacement for the remaining Tier piece. Obviously the chance of TF gear on any boss is also a bonus !


Re: 5.2 Bosses you need loot from

Post by Grahams » 23 Apr 2013, 15:34

About the tokens i will pass every token till Agns and Astral have their 4 set. I only need chest to upgrade form LF one and need head token, but i already have my 4 set, so it is time to others have it and improve raid overall performance.

Jin'Rok: No
Horridon: No, only figer for stat change (can be delayed) - MOUNT
Council: Wrist (stats change) and weapon for OS (if drops only me can use it, Rectox already have it)
Tortos: Shield OS (After Horde)
Megeara: Waist (stats change)
Ji'kun: MOUNT
Durumu: Wrist (stats change), weapon (OS)
Primordius: No
Dark Animus: Chest token (can be delayed)
Iron Qon: No
Concorts: No, OS only
Lei Shen: No, OS only

And every single piece i have now, can be upgraded for 528 (no luck yet)

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