Heroic Madness

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Heroic Madness

Post by Lairosiel » 20 Jun 2012, 21:20

rank 8 at the end for the guild, not that bad.

they did it:
Borodude, Agns, Falafela, 4x Sirus, Raddude, Zethus, Grahams, Monsiuermoat, Palazo, Lairosiel

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Re: Heroic Madness

Post by simbuerg » 20 Jun 2012, 21:23

\o/ Felt like trash with a rogue slowing.

Great job everyone after that long long long loooooooooooong way past spine. :-)
Thanks for making it possible by stepping down for a better raid composition: Maevrin, Mirlin.

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Re: Heroic Madness

Post by oldone » 20 Jun 2012, 23:00

well done

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